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Published on 10 Apr 2017 | about 2 months ago

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Masha's Birthday cake was crushed under car of Spiderman because Joker w/ Frozen Elsa | Funny Masha

Masha bring birthday cake to happy birthday spiderman. On the way, joker saw and snatched the birthday cake from the masha, masha chase to retrieve the cake, surprise spiderman's car passing , joker sees and throws the birthday cake into the spiderman car's wheel, birthday cake has been crush. Elsa also brought birthday cake to happy birthday spiderman, joker saw and snatched cake from elsa's hands falling to the ground and crushed under the spider's car.

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Masha's birthday cake was crushed under the Spiderman car because Joker w / frozen Elsa | Masha funny

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