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We are the fastest growing video portal over the world with more user engagement than any other site. We can give you traffic by your requair if you want traffic only from Android we can give you traffic from only Android or if you want to get traffic spacific country or spacific platform we can give you as per your requair. Each day we serve more than 200K+ views to over 50,000 users!

Our Rank

In a brief period of 6 months we have managed to climb to the top 100 most visited sites in Pakistan and 95,000 most visited sites in the world! And trust us when we say, we are just getting started.

Daily Statistics

With over 200,000 unique visitors daily and 1.2 Million+ views we are already among the top sites of Pakistan! Not only this, we see increase of ~10% in unique visitors and ~15% in number of views daily.

82885 Android
82077 Windows
6885 iPhone
4058 Linux
3215 Macintosh
2673 iPad
771 BlackBerry
518 Windows Phone
279 Tizen
174 Chrome OS
81 PlayStation 4
43 Nintendo WiiU
27 Xbox
21 Kindle Fire
15 PlayStation 3
13 PlayStation Vita
10 PlayBook
9 Xbox One
1 Nintendo 3DS
1 New Nintendo 3DS

Visitor By Country Per Day

VISITORCountryCountry Flag
46935 United States
26562 India
16092 Brazil
10730 Pakistan
4927 Mexico
4612 United Kingdom
4533 Philippines
4239 France
3996 Turkey
3690 Indonesia
3256 Spain
3078 Germany
2839 Peru
2766 Saudi Arabia
2436 United Arab Emirates
2421 Colombia
2289 Italy
1941 Canada
1784 Ecuador
1654 Argentina
1404 Malaysia
1322 Bangladesh
1314 Chile
1169 Romania
1143 Poland
1016 Singapore
971 Egypt
951 Serbia
864 Venezuela
861 Netherlands

Ad Rates

Our rates are most competitive in market and we make sure that you get what you paid for! Not only will we help you track the clicks and user engagement but also we can provide you with heat maps and hot spots of site so you can choose the best location for your ad, where it gets maximum exposure.

Rates are negotiable and depend on placement and size of ad.

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